Rubí Industria de Cremalleras
from 1926 to the present


Rubi Industria de Cremalleras was founded in 1926 in Rubi, Barcelona and has produced zippers for ever since. From day one RIC has been involved in the design and manufacturing of state of the art zippers. Rubi Industria de Cremalleras manufactures zippers with the highest specification standards using advanced technologies and processes and at the same time with an environmentally friendly culture.

Continuous research and development and in-house production within our 16.000m2 vertically integrated factory has enabled the company to achieve the highest standards in quality, service and customer experience. Thanks to a vertical integrated model the company is able to treat each customer as unique and give a sense of personalization and added value difficult to achieve in today’s fashion landscape. 

RIC’s products vary from Injected, Nylon and Invisble zippers to our Classic Metal family without overlooking Rubi Star our high quality, premium Metal family. Offering different products, a wide range of colors and an extensive slider catalog gives to possibility, for customers to personalize his purchasing experience and get the product they require in order to fulfill their needs. 

Innovation, high quality, service and a short lead time are the drivers for creating long-term value to all our stakeholders.